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Dry times

By Twilight_Knight, 11-13-2019

About time for a news post, right? I figured what better place to post a little update than here.

First off I've noticed there are some things broken with the website. I hope to fix these problems sometime soon.

Concerning quests... well not a whole lot happening at the moment. I'm not even sure whether there is an audience nowadays looking forward to a quest by either of us, but to those, sorry for the long wait! There is a little something though that I've been working on rather silently.

So I've posted a few screenshots on PureZC earlier this year using a similar tileset to what was used in NT: Crystal Crusades, since I thought the tileset was certainly not used to it's full potential yet. I've been putting together a pretty sweet set of tiles and also worked on quite a lot of screens, like half an overworld map in my estimation. I've been writing stories, thinking of dungeons, decided on items and picked out some gnarly midis. Not bad, not bad.

I guess that this means there is another Nargad's Trail sequel, a final installment, is in development. But when that is even close to being finished? I would not know at all. I'm at least keeping it off the radar as long as there is not enough for a demo. I might not even go with a demo this time, since it won't be such a large quest.

Let's finish this one off with a screenshot!