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Argon's Evil Lair Remake in development

By Twilight_Knight, 04-12-2021

Since the summer of 2020 I've been working really hard on a remake of Nargad's Trail: Argon's Evil Lair and things are going really smoothly.

I'm making rigorous changes to the quest. To start of it's a complete remake using the tileset from Crystal Crusades, since I want the Nargad's Trail series to have it's own recognisable style. Remaking every screen in another tileset presents a nice opportunity: changing and improving the screens themselves. And I've been making great use of that chance.

Overworlds are grander, more detailed and offer much more content. Dungeons are more detailed, have more puzzles and their bosses are now completely scripted. Story and collectibles have been revised and even a new, hard to find collectible has been added for the experienced adventurer.

By making a lot of the content optional I hope to make this quest suitable for any kind of player. Long story short: your feedback has been heard and this remake aims to exceed your expectations!

Right now I'm busy with making the second dungeon and development on this quest sure will take a while, but a demo should be coming soon.

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