About Us

TWCCGaming is a site made to host the projects made by CastChaos and Twilight_Knight.

The name TWCCGaming comes from CastChaos and Twilight_Knight. We originally used the site to host our Zelda Classic material on it, but later started using it to host any material on it we made ourselves.

The Team


CastChaos is TWCCGaming's lead quest maker. Known for his excellent dungeons and his quests like the Ballad of a Bloodline series, Shadow Wars or recently for Valami. His real name is Árpád, he lives in Hungary, works as a programmer and enjoys making YouTube videos, gaming, nature and writing.

His wish to create dates way back, he developed the mood for making games while playing Final Fantasy VII and concretized this wish for Zelda games while playing TLoZ: A Link to the Past. Wishing to make an online available Zelda game, he found Zelda Classic in the early 2000's and started to regularly use it in 2006. After several smaller and bigger quests, his golden ZC days are over, but is still making quests at a slower pace.


Twilight_Knight is the website administrator and also a quest maker for TWCCGaming. Best known for his work in Nargad's Trail and Ballad of a Bloodline Deluxe. His real name is Sven, he lives in the Netherlands, studies programming and likes to make music, draw, gaming, reading and drinking beer.

He uses Zelda Classic since 2004 and grown fond of the program ever since. Producing several failed quests, led him to betatesting Ballad of a Bloodline for CastChaos. After working together with CastChaos many times, they made a collaboration-quest named Nargad's Trail: Argon's Evil Lair, which spawned a sequel eventually. He still makes quests, but not as much as in the past.


Judasrising is the lead betatester and a quest maker for TWCCGaming. Known well for his high quality beta testing work and excellent feedback, he really influenced the outcome of many TWCC-quests. His real name is Matti, he lives in Sweden and enjoys making music on his electric guitar and playing classic games such as Zelda or Tombraider.

He joined the Zelda Classic community in 2005. While often testing for many different great quests, he is now working on his own quest. He has tested quests like Seasoned Blood, Cousin of Powers, Guardian Mother, Crystal Crusades, Tower of Shadows and many more.